Platinum Group Metals also referred to as PGMs, Platinum Metals, Platinum family and Platinum Group Elements (PGEs). are 6 noble, precious metal (metallic) elements grouped together in the periodic table of elements. The 6 PGMs are iridium, palladium, platinum, osmium, rhodium and ruthenium. They have similar properties that tend to occur together in the same mineral deposits. The 3 used in Catalytic Converters are: Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium found in groups 9 and 10.

The name Platinum comes from the Spanish word Platina “little silver" the name given to the metal by Spanish settlers in Columbia.

PGMs have a crucial role in our everyday life Catalytic Converters are just one of the many consumers of PGMs. Another form of Platinum or “PT Black” a powdered form of platinum would be coated on the honeycomb monolith of a Catalytic Converter.

You can find PGMs in jewelry, watches, bullions, hard drives, specialized magnets, and many forms of electronics. From a self lighting gas appliance like a furnace, oven and your waterheater. To playing a big role in manufacting Nitric Acid which is used for fertilizer for farms and when making explosives for the military and mining.